Most people are familiar with the “CFM” measurement associated with fans, or become familiar as soon as they begin researching for a fan purchase. CFM measures the actual amount of air that a fan is capable of moving, and is done so in “cubic feet per minute”. A measurement of increasing importance is static pressure. This measures the force with which the air is moved. The reason for its importance centers around CPU coolers and radiators, where the fan is asked to move air through a fin array. Without ample static pressure, the cool air the fan is providing cannot penetrate the fins of the cooler or radiator, therefore rendering what amounts to insufficient and very inefficient cooling. This is especially true in the case of liquid cooling radiators, with more static pressure required as the thickness of the radiator is increased.




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While the Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm fan is often listed as a case fan, there is no doubt that it was designed specifically for radiators and CPU coolers. The Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm not only boasts an incredible 95 CFM, but also a staggeringly high 2.72mmH2O of static pressure for the most demanding radiator applications. The JetFlo also features some excellent engineering enhancements, including a POM bearing providing low mechanical noise and vibration coupled with enhanced 160,000 MTBF. The structure of the JetFlo uses unique all rubber corners which provide the optimum in isolation and vibration prevention. To keep your case looking good, the JetFlo 120mm is available in smoked gray, or with a choice of white, blue or red LED. Low speed adapters are included for 1600 and 1200 rpm operation for decreased noise, and Cooler Master backs the JetFlo 120mm with a 2-Year warranty.