There is no question that cooling systems are becoming more complex. We are seeing more and more liquid cooling, but air cooling is progressing quite rapidly, as well. The fact is, though, whether you are using air or liquid cooling, you still need to move air effectively in order to have any efficiency in your cooling. Keeping the cool coming into your case and dispelling hot air is still job one. For years, however, we have had to deal with overly loud fans to accomplish this, so it is good to see that all of that is changing.




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Cooling experts Phanteks have released a new series of 140mm fans, the F140SP and F140XP, designed to improve case and radiator airflow. Using their tried and true Maelstrom Vortex design and Updraft Floating Balance Bearing, the Phanteks F140SP and F140XP are able to deliver 82.1 cfm with only 19 dBA of noise. Three models of the fans are available; the F140SP with three pin connector which runs at 1250rpm, the F140SP_LED, which adds four blue LEDs, and the F140XP, which is the PWM variant capable of 300-1250rpm. Reversing their usual scheme, the new fans use a black outer with white blades and bearing cap, along with black cable sleeved to the end. Anti-vibration rubber pads are present on all eight corners, and the 140XP includes rubber mounts along with the four mounting screws included with all models. 400mm extension cables are included, and noise reducing QSA adapter is included with the F140XP. All F140XP and SP models have greater than 150,000hr MTBF and are backed with a 5-year warranty.