Spire is introducing an entire line of products in their X2 series. They include case fans, CPU coolers, and chassis. These solutions are designed to be durable and for use in demanding situations. One way they are accomplishing this is through their Nano Tech Bearings. The Nano bearing seals with a nano-ziconia powder and nano-particles lubricant rather than the traditional oil lubricant. What this provides is a cooler running bearing that is not prone to overheating and jamming. Overheating is the most common cause of bearing failure, and bearing failure is often the cause of fan noise.

Spire X2 120mm Fan


The Spire X2 120mm PWM fan runs between 600 and 1500 RPM and is practically inaudible with noise levels between 10 and 22 dBA. The X2 120mm fan is capable of pushing 62.53 CFM at 1500 RPM while producing 1.74mm H2O of static air pressure. To further reduce noise levels, the X2 features removable silicone rubber pads on each of the screw holes. Using their Nano Tech Bearing technology, they can increase the fan blade size and achieve a MTBF of 70,000 hours. The X2 120mm PWM fan features four blue LEDS. In addition, red LED lighting and 140mm, 92mm, and 80mm sizes are available.