When you grow up poor, you take that mentality with you throughout your life. You will most likely be frugal and limit your choices to things that you feel are deserved by those of your status and do not even dare to dream of the things that are reserved for the privileged. While you may not be one of those obnoxious self-entitled people that spend beyond their means, the mentality you live by can be equally as negative in its own way. Once in a while, it is ok to treat yourself to something special and to spend more on a premium product.

Noctua NF-S12A Fans



Often times, the premium price is justified by the product’s longevity and durability. Premium products may cost more but are much more reliable on average and backed with confidence by the manufacturer compared to budget and mainstream products. Premium product manufacturers understand that users shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to selection, even when it comes to fans.


Noctua's S12A 120mm fans is the 3rd generation Signature series line designed for case ventilation.  The Noctua S12A is available in three versions: PWM, FLX and ULN.  Both the FLX and PWM versions run at a maximum of 1200 RPM with an airflow rating of 107.5 m3/h while the ULN version runs at a lower 800 RPM with an airflow rating of 74.3 m3/h. Unlike the 2nd generation S12 series fan, the new S12A series are equipped with anti-stall knobs that reduce flow separation in medium to high impedance situations, increasing the fan’s versatility. Also part of Noctua’s Advanced Acoustical Optimization design are the inner surface microstructures as well as the stepped inlet design which improves airflow and minimizes noise during operation. All three Noctua S12A 120mm fans use Noctua's SSO2 bearings with a MTBF of 150,000 hours and carry a 6-year warranty.