Cougar is known for developing some interesting technology pieces. They are in the business of housing your components, powering them, and cooling them. Some of their products are considered highly stylized. The good thing is that they don’t forget about functionality with their products. Their cooling solutions, in particular, are designed with flair, including colored blades, and options for LED lighting. One of their newer fans is the Dual-X which comes in both 120mm and 140mm sizes. Color options are offered including blue fan blades with LED, orange fan blades with red LED, green fan blades with LED, and Black fan blades with no LEDs.

Cougar Dual-X 120mm Fan


The Cougar Dual-X is designed to push a large amount of air while maintain silence. The Dual-X accomplishes this by using a hydraulic bearing so there is less friction. The nine blades of the fan have two layers and are rigid material. The blade design also features claws. The combination of these features allow the fan to produce more pressure while decreasing turbulence and noise levels. Other noise reducing features are rubber pads and rubber fixed pin mounts to reduce the vibrations that are transferred into the chassis. Accessories include a 3-pin to 4-pin Molex fan adapter, tool-less fixed pins, and fan screws.