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Price Point

Price: $34.99 Estimated USD

Class: Enthusiast

With a price point of $34.99 USD, the Fractal Design Adjust 108 would fall into the Enthusiast category for a fan controller.

Reviewer's Opinion

The Fractal Design Adjust 108 is a well-built, high end fan controller for the enthusiast crowd. With its low profile brushed aluminum panel, it looks good in cases and will easily fit even in cases that have doors that cover the 5.25” bays. Some other fan controllers that have knobs, instead of sliders, interfere with the doors that are present on many of the chassis available. Sliders on the front panel are stiff enough that you can make fine adjustments and are rubberized. There is also an LED present for each channel that changes from white, at low speeds, to blue, when fans are set to a higher speed.

The Adjust 108 is able to control fans on six separate channels with the ability to handle a total of 36W per channel. All of this fits into a package that only takes up a single 5.25” drive bay. I tested the capability of the fan controller by placing a total of five fans at four watts each on a single channel and the controller did not have any issues powering them. The ability to place 36 watts on each channel should be more than enough for any system, no matter how many fans you have to keep it cool.

Along with being pleasant to look at, the Adjust 108 is easy to work with. The cable connections are removable at the PCB and are 600mm long so they can be routed through large cases neatly. The PCB and cables are also all black so they blend in nicely to the interior of most cases that are painted black on the inside. The power cable supports either a 4-pin Molex connector or a 15-ping SATA cable to power it. I found this to be a great setup, since I did not have any other 4-pin devices in the system, and I was able to keep the cable management even cleaner by using the SATA power cable.

Overall, for aesthetics and performance, the Fractal Design Adjust 108 is excellent. This is a fan controller that could be used in absolutely any system to maintain silence or cooling, depending on the situation. The construction of the front panel is excellent and is made out of a solid piece of aluminum so there is no flex to the device. The Adjust 108 earns the HiTechLegion Gold award because of the quality construction, powerful features, long cables, and SATA power connector. The only real downside is that it is priced at over $30, so for most people this is going to be expensive for a fan controller.


  • SATA Power Connector
  • 36W Per Channel
  • Aluminum Construction
  • 600mm Cables
  • Smooth Moving Sliders
  • LED Indicators
  • LEDs Are Not Overly Bright
  • All Black Construction



  • Price



HiTechLegion Gold Award