There are times when noise can be such a pleasant sound. After getting hit with over 34” inches of snow in many parts of New England, I would never have thought the beeping sound of trucks backing up and scraping sound of blades on the pavement would be so beautiful. That scraping sound, of course, meant there was more cleanup to be had clearing the sidewalk and driveway for the third time. I have to be thankful to the heavy equipment crews for working so hard to get the city I live in back in decent shape. Under the adverse conditions of sleep deprivation, trucks that are continuously breaking down and freezing rain on top of the snow, the crews are what I would consider amazing.

Fractal Design Adjust 108


With computers, there are times where we crave silence and other times where it is all about power. I know when I am sitting in my office and watching a movie, I don’t want to hear my fans over the sound from the movie. There are other times where I am just trying to get the highest stable overclock I can possible get as a challenge and I don’t really care how much noise the system is making to accomplish that task. These situations are just a few where having a fan controller can be useful. With the manual control of the fan speed I am able to adjust the noise level to my liking, while monitoring temperatures of the system.


Fan controllers are all about functionality and style. The Fractal Design Adjust 108 fits the bill for both with six 35w channels and a solid brushed aluminum panel. The Adjust 108 fits into a single 5.25” drive bay and has long 600mm 4-pin/3-pin fan cables to reach any part of a normal full tower case without stretching them across the motherboard. Power is provided to the controller and fans through a single 4-pin Molex cable or 15-pin SATA power cable. Each channel's fan speed is adjusted with one of the rubberized sliders on the front of the panel. LEDs are present below each slider that shift from white (low) to blue (high) when the sliders are adjusted.