Many people refer to doing a quick, simple fix on a problem as “putting a Band-Aid on it”. It usually is meant with a negative connotation, as if you are simply covering up the major surgery that is required. However, there are many times that a Band-Aid is all that is required, and the simple solution is the right one. In regard to case airflow and/or fan noise, the easiest solution is, of course, to change the fans or add fans. While it seems the simple solution, in most cases, it solves the problem and is certainly more time and cost effective than modding your case to create new airflow patterns. In this case, the “Band-Aid” is the right answer.

Noctua NF-A15



Unboxing Video Above


Noctua’s new NF-A Series of fans blends legendary Noctua features, such as AAO Frame with Stepped Inlet Design and Flow Acceleration channels for the utmost in quiet performance, with some new twists and specializations. The NF-A Series 140mm fans come in three very unique models, the NF-A15 PWM, NF-A14 FLX and NF-A14 ULN. The NF-A15 PWM features a rounded 140x150mm frame with 120mm mounting points and 300~1200rpm operation, making it ideal for use on CPU coolers. The NF-A14 pieces use the standard square frame and 140mm mounting, along with 3-pin connections making them more suitable for use in cases and radiators. The NF-A14 FLX is rated at 1200rpm, with included low noise and ultra-low noise adapters bringing speeds down to 1050 and 800rpm. The NF-A14 ULN is a low noise fan rated at 800 rpm (650 with included low noise adapter) at a mere 11.9 dBA that is the perfect choice as an add on or replacement where quiet is the key. For more precise cable management, all three fans in the series use a 20cm cable built in and include a 30cm extension with black sleeving. All NF-A Series fans use Noctua’s reference class SSO2 bearing rated for >150,000h MTBF and come backed with a 6-Year Warranty.