You may be wondering what the big deal is with these “vortex” style fans you keep hearing about. It may become even more confusing when you see benchmarks that are less than overwhelming in certain tests. Much of this comes from the fact that vortex fans are distinctly different in their airflow patterns, and have specific intended usage rather than being a standard “one-size-fits-all” replacement fan. Vortex fans use a focused cylindrical air pattern to effectively “aim” the air output at specific components. When put into a location as an intake fan, where they have an unobstructed path to a CPU/GPU cooler, they are able to focus a higher quantity of air into the specific component. This, of course, results in better flow and lowered temperatures in that specific component. Put into the correct location and environment, these temperature drops can sometimes be very drastic.




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Cougar’s Vortex fan line is available in three varieties, the Vortex, Vortex PWM and Vortex HDB with Hydro Dynamic Bearings, each available in 120mm and 140mm. All of the Cougar Vortex fans offer exceptional air movement while addressing the issue typically associated with vortex fans, which is noise. The Cougar Vortex HDB design couples patented diversion lead airflow centralizing technology with an aerodynamic intake that results in incredible airflow to noise ratios. At its full rated 1200rpm the 140mm Vortex HDB is capable of 70.5CFM at a mere 19.2dBA, all with centralized flow. The hydro dynamic bearing used in the Vortex HDB not only helps in keeping down fan noise, it is also rated for an incredible L10 Lifetime of 300,000 hours at 25C. To add to its versatility, the Cougar Vortex HDB comes complete with 4-Pin Adapter, Fan Speed Adjustable Cable and tool-less fixed pins.