There was a sentence uttered in the movie “Pearl Harbor” that is a paraphrase of a sentence that has become very famous over the past sixty plus years. For those who are unaware, “Pearl Harbor” was based on actual events…from World War II…which was an actual war…not just a work of fiction for films, skinheads and high school history classes... and no, the Nazis did not have the first smartphones made by using alien intelligence. In any case, the full sentence was supposedly “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”. I say “supposedly” simply because there are no historical accounts of Isoroku Yamamoto actually saying it, but the sentiment rings true.




While Silverstone has hardly been sleeping, they have certainly become a giant in the world of computer technology. Praise has been heaped on them by many (including this site) for their execution of incredibly high quality cases, power supplies and their innovation of the Air Penetrator Fan. However, few even realize that Silverstone makes CPU coolers, and has for some time. For the most part, the coolers have been less than awe inspiring, but being the giant that they are, Silverstone has set about changing that. Recently, we have seen the introduction of their new Heligon line, and Silverstone’s new cooling flagship, the Heligon HE01.



The Silverstone Heligon HE01 CPU Cooler has the distinction of having a design that addresses very obvious issues while not letting it affect performance in any way. With taller heatsink RAM becoming more and more popular, the Silverstone Heligon HE01 tackles this issue and stands as the first enthusiast class dual tower cooler we have seen that in no way impedes with the motherboard’s RAM slots. The Silverstone HE01 achieves this through a unique non-symmetrical design with a slimmer front tower and offset center, and the use of a single fan. Those who question the single fan solution will have their fears laid to rest, as the 140mm 800~2000rpm PWM fan is 38mm thick and capable of an astounding 171 CFM at full speed. The Heligon HE01’s included fan also has a unique dual mode switch that can be used to limit the top end to 1200rpm, making for quiet computing. The Heligon HE01 also features a nickel coated copper base along with six 6mm heatpipes running through the dual aluminum fin arrays. An easily installed mounting kit makes the HE01 compatible with Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366/2011 and AMD FM1/FM2/AM2/2+/3/3+.