There were once men who could convey the strength of their resolve without uttering a word; the “strong, silent” archetype that were quiet not because they had nothing to say, but because their presence was enough to convey what they are about. Although not completely gone, most men we have today are the opposite: loud, obnoxious and have nothing of substance to say. They convey their “inner selves” through tattoos they picked from a binder and they compensate for their lack of personality with custom facial hair or a hat. When it comes to CPU heatsinks, “strong silent” types are thankfully still around, capable of handling tough jobs with nary a noise. Arctic, as one of the world’s premiere PC cooling manufacturers, knows this subject well.

Arctic Freezer i30 CPU Cooler



Arctic is a company that has expanded their product line to include peripherals, audio solutions, entertainment centers, keyboards, chargers and more, but they are still well-known in the world of enthusiasts for their award winning cooling products. Arctic’s cooling product lines are designed to deliver excellent thermal conditions while operating silently and within reasonable mainstream prices. Their latest flagship CPU cooler, the Freezer i30, continues this tradition.

Arctic Freezer i30


The Arctic Freezer i30 is an enthusiast-class CPU cooler compatible with Intel LGA2011 as well as LGA1156/1155 sockets. The Freezer i30 uses four 8mm direct-touch heatpipes that transfer heat away from the CPU to 48 aluminum fins which are actively cooled by a 120mm PWM fan. Combining PWM fan control with integrated rubber vibration absorbers on the fan holder, the Arctic Freezer i30 operates in silence, even at the full 1,350RPM fan rotation. The Arctic F12 PWM fan included uses fluid dynamic bearing and is interchangeable, should it stop operating within the 6-year limited warranty.