Holiday time again….I am still kind of shocked (and completely put off) when I see Christmas decorations and store sections before Thanksgiving. The last few years I have even seen them prior to Halloween. Why would this trend be building steam? Simple economics. If the merchandisers have their way, we will soon be abandoning Christmas as any type of spiritual/family holiday and simply making it “he who spends the most wins”.




So, while we are all out spending our hard earned cash on this year’s latest and greatest “must-have” gifts for little Sally and Aunt Emily, we still have needs of our own (This is also probably a good reason to enter our holiday giveaway. Free stuff is always good.). We can try to figure out why little Sally is four years old and is quite insistent that she needs the new iPad to keep up with the pre-school Joneses, but we are better off not, for fear of losing all faith in humanity. We still, however, have our own system to finish or upgrade and cash is tight. Thankfully, more and more, being tight on cash doesn’t mean having to under buy components. There are more and more value priced pieces that are excellent performers, at any price.



The new NZXT Respire T20 and T40 bring higher end features into the value price points of CPU coolers. Both feature direct contact heatpipes, with the NZXT Respire T40 flaunting four 8mm cooper pipes and the T20 using the very effective combination of one 8mm plus two 6mm pipes. Both the T20 and T40 offer sizing with attention to the system builder, with 160mm height that will fit into almost any mid or full tower case, and limited disruption of RAM slots for users of taller RAM. The T20 and T40 share the same 1800 rpm 120mm fan (1300rpm with included low noise adapter) capable of 68.8 CFM at only 34.0 dBA. A second set of fan mounts is included with both units for optional push/pull configuration. A high pressure crossbar mounting system is used that is both secure and easy to install. The NZXT Respire T20 and T40 fit multiple platforms, with compatibility for Intel 2011/1366/1156/1155/775 and AMD FM1/AM2/AM3. Both the T20 and T40 are backed with a 2-Year Warranty.