Around six-hundred years ago, Christopher Columbus bucked common belief and announced his theory that the world was round. Most at the time found this to be preposterous, of course, as they were well convinced that the world must surely be flat. So Columbus went about requisitioning ships, getting together crews for what seemed to most a suicide mission….after all, they were about to sail off the end of the Earth and crash to their deaths. With the ships, he claimed he would set sail to the West, and circle the Earth arriving in India. Yes, I said India. Before you go on about how ridiculous that notion was, you need to keep in mind that they still thought the world was flat, so you can pretty much forget about them knowing that Japan would be on the way and that they could have simply picked up a couple Nissan mini-vans to finish the journey.




In any case, they set off for India. Eventually the depleted, half-starved, scurvy ridden crews reached North America. Now, if they didn’t know about Japan, they certainly had no clue North America was out there. Using the facts they had at hand, they set about attempting to trade with the “Indians” (as they assumed they were, hence the way Native Americans somehow became known as “American Indians”…no clue why it stuck after they realized the mistake) as they had done in the past. Naturally, they were baffled by the lack of chutney and their inability to get a proper vindaloo, but they had proven that they got somewhere without falling off the edge of the Earth. Personally, I think it would have been easier to drag the naysayers to the beach and simply show them that the horizon is curved, but what do I know. The point being, sometimes round is simply a better solution than flat.



Zalman takes a unique shape to CPU cooling with the CNPS9900DF. Unlike conventional dual tower coolers, the Zalman CNPS9900DF uses two rounded towers rather than the typical hard cornered variety. The front tower of the CNPS9900DF has one heatpipe with straight fins arranged in a radial pattern and a 120mm 1000rpm fan set into it. A 140mm 900-1400rpm PWM fan is positioned between the two towers for a push/pull configuration. The rear tower contains two heatpipes and, while the fins retain the radial pattern, they use Cross Bending Technology to maximize surface area. The three heatpipes of the CNPS9900DF run into a copper base, which sports a mirror finish on the contact area. Though the CNPS9000DF is a dual tower cooler, its unique shape allows it to fit in almost any application, as it stands only 154mm, and the set in front fan limits width to 100mm. To add to its unique appearance, both included fans of the CNPS9900DF feature blue LED lighting. The included mounting kit is compatible with Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366/2011 and AMD FM1/AM2/AM3 sockets.