There is no question that there are times that the old adage “your reputation precedes you” holds true. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not. While a reputation can sometimes give insight as to what to expect from someone, or something, it can also serve to steer our perception of the reality of a situation. Reputation can sometimes make us predisposed to be overly sensitive to certain actions we are expecting. In some cases, a perception that the said action may occur will result in one believing it is occurring.




Naturally, this is a form of prejudice. Not in the way the term is typically thrown around, but in the actual meaning, which is to “pre-judge”. When you have a little bit of knowledge (which may be hearsay), you form an opinion prior to actually evaluating. I’m no different. If I have a product on the way from a manufacturer that I have used many times and have certain info, I am going to have certain expectations. In the case of the Spire TME III, I am very familiar with the OEM and, across the five pieces I have evaluated from them, four of the results have been close to identical. It is that fifth piece that had drastically different characteristics that left me wondering and open to what the TME III would be offering.


The Spire TME III (or TherMax Eclipse III) is the third in the line to go into production, with the first two warranting critical raves. The Spire TME III is a dual fan, tower CPU cooler that sports some pretty interesting features, and an excellent reputation that precedes it in a few ways. At first glance, the TME III looks uniquely different, with a black nickel finish covering all components. The aluminum fins of the tower have a unique dimpled finish to add surface area for greater heat dissipation, but act with the finish for a very interesting look. Five 8mm heatpipes run through the tower, and are also finished in black nickel. The heatpipes are direct contact, and have an excellent mill on their contact area. Two 600-1800 rpm 120mm PWM fans are rated at 74.63 CFM, while maintaining a very quiet maximum 22 dBA noise level. The Spire TME III has versatile mounting, covering Intel LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 and AM2/AM3, but at present no LGA2011 or FM1 kit is available.