Kramer sat on the subway next to Newman, a Risk board across their laps. In assessing the overall game situation, it was clear that Kramer was advancing while Newman’s armies fell. Newman’s last gasp was his assertion that he still had armies in the Ukraine, but Kramer knew the truth, as Cosmo Kramer so often did…and he let Newman know. “You know what the Ukraine is? It’s a sitting duck”, he stated matter of factly, followed by a much more impassioned cry that “the Ukraine is weak!” Naturally, just as was to be expected in the life of Cosmo Kramer, there was a large (and rather ornery) Ukrainian gentleman right next to him to take the comment out of context and act on it. If that seems a touch unrealistic, it happens to be quite a bit more believable than having board game pieces stay in place on a NY subway while held in your lap…even though I seem to remember a magnetic Risk board being around somewhere along the line.




As always, Kramer’s goal was to advance. He wasn’t exactly the most diplomatic of characters, nor the most giving. He appeared a touch insane, but was really more of a child in an adult body. Totally self-serving and self-absorbed, and completely unaware that there were rules and/or physics in place that may prevent him from getting what he wanted. Just because you want to get a tan using butter as tanning lotion doesn’t mean that you won’t wind up looking like a roasted Kenny Rogers’ chicken. Either way, Kramer was never on the defensive or playing it safe. Cosmo Kramer was a man always looking to advance.


The Thermaltake Frio Advanced takes the initial concept of the original Frio one step further. The Thermaltake Frio Advanced is a dual fan tower CPU cooler with a couple of twists. Instead of the standard 120mm VR fans we have seen in past models, the Frio Advanced uses dual 800-2100rpm 130mm PWM fans for more compatibility with onboard fan speed controllers. The fans are held in place in a tool and clip-free snap in method, attaching to a removable black and red shield that covers the Frio Advanced tower. Under the shield, the tower of the Frio Advanced sports some pretty impressive features. Five 6mm nickel plated copper heatpipes are direct contact for the utmost in heat transfer. The pipes run through high density aluminum fins for excellent heat dissipation, with a staggered layout to allow airflow to more effectively hit each pipe. The Frio Advanced comes with the excellent Thermaltake mounting kit with support for Intel LGA 775/1155/1156/1366/2011 and AMD FM1/AM2/AM3.