Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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Have you ever sat down and thought about what makes a PC chassis a "gaming case"? Is it the LED fans that light up the room? Is it the giant acrylic left side panel window? Is it the picture of a robot on the box? Gamer's needs have evolved over the years and although the features above are still prominent in gaming cases currently available, a lot of gamers are looking for cases that are flexible to their constant hardware changes and thermally effective in keeping high-end, overclocked components cool. If a specific case fits the bill and even saves them enough money that they can pour into buying a faster video card or processor, then the choice is simple.



Understandably, some users might be apprehensive in buying products from manufacturers they are not as familiar with. After all, how many times have you bought something that looked good from the Photoshopped promotional photos but looked less than sub-par when you finally opened your package? Then again, it is easier for established brands to rely on their name recognition rather than uphold a level of quality, so their complacency becomes their undoing. This is why newer manufacturers can come in and change the status quo by bringing fresh new ideas to the table. Sentey, as a manufacturer of cases and power supplies, is a relatively new name to US gamers. With the launch of their Extreme Division line, Sentey aims to bring a unique take on gaming cases to the North American market. One case from their Extreme Division line is the Sentey Arvina.


The Sentey Arvina is a feature packed full-tower gaming case. The Arvina full-tower case is part of Sentey’s Extreme Division line and comes in red, blue or black. The Sentey Arvina supports the latest dual-GPU video cards and the largest aftermarket heatsinks. To keep system components in optimal thermal condition, the Sentey Arvina comes out of the box with six fans pre-installed, which can be turned off through a fan controller at the top. Users can also connect an eSATA enclosure or a SATA HDD through an external extension on the top I/O module of the Sentey Arvina.