Have you seen the new Transformers movie? The case itself looks like it hails from the Decepticon clan. It appears as if it can transform and pounce at you at any given moment. It seems so intimidating that it scares anyone that goes near it, and yet, you would almost want to join his fight against the Autobots.



The case is definitely scary at first, but once you tame this machine, it isn’t so bad. The design is sleek, a black steel mid tower case. It is a great idea to think that you have something so intimidating, yet it has a use for your everyday needs. Even if you are a general, novice user, this case would suit your needs.

NZXT Beta, Front


The case is the NZXT Beta Classic Series. The Beta Classic Series by NZXT is definitely eye candy for any user. The design makes it feel as if you're in the Transformers era, suspicious that your machine might jump at you while you're not looking. I feel if I touch the case, it may shoot lightning towards me, and I just don't want to upset the Decepticons.