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Whenever something becomes a “brand name”, expectations for the products that company produces is measured by a different stick, compared to those of generic branding. Build quality is probably the most common and frequently scrutinized aspect of the brand name product. It is important to maintain a higher standard in build quality compared to the rest. Brand names also often deliver new and unique features in the market that will most likely become standard after all the other brands have copied it. The problem is, what usually happens is that brand names end up costing a lot more. This is understandable for higher end product lines but if the brand name is to make a product aimed at users on a budget, balancing the high build quality while adding the extra features becomes a tight rope act.



Antec is a company synonymous with PC cases and they have brought several award-winning designs to the forefront of the industry. In the last few years, several smaller case manufacturers have cropped up and have begun offering feature rich budget cases that are aimed at gamers. While Antec has the Three Hundred and Two Hundred gaming cases aimed at value conscious users, the lack of cable management options and other enthusiast features in these cases was disappointing. However, Antec’s latest budget chassis, the One Hundred, is designed to address these concerns and more.


The Antec One Hundred is a mid-tower gaming case aimed at value minded users. The Antec One Hundred is part of Antec’s gaming series, inheriting some attributes from its siblings while improving some features that were previously lacking in other Antec cases. Fully painted black inside and out, the Antec One Hundred has a sleek straightforward look, designed for high air flow performance. A 140mm exhaust fan at the top and a 120mm exhaust fan at the rear come pre-installed in the Antec One Hundred, with the option of adding two intake fans at the front and one more at the left side panel. Users with plenty of peripherals will find the top mounted accessory tray convenient, especially if these are gadgets that need to be plugged in one of four front panel USB 2.0 slots. Even though priced for the budget segment, the Antec One Hundred offers more than just the basic gaming needs.