Antec Sonata IV Mid-Tower Case Review

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There has been a trend in US culture over the last twenty or so years that has led to a certain amount of desocialization. I am the first one to say that social networking sites and text messages are two of the largest contributors. If you’ve been paying attention, then it should come as no shock that giving people more ways to communicate would actually make them significantly worse communicators. I find myself often reminding people that phones still can actually be used to carry out a conversation. Even social gatherings have gone down the tubes. Look around you at a supposed social event some time. How many people are socializing with the people around them compared to the number walking around like zombies with their thumbs and eyes firmly planted on their phones? Kind of scary, huh? How about that table of people at the local coffee hangout who are actually texting each other across the table without saying a word?



Along with this, we have seen a drastic and rapid decline in movie attendance. I’m not talking about the new summer blockbuster, I’m talking about overall. For decades, the movie theater was a social gathering place. Nothing was more social than a midnight showing of “Rocky Horror” or some Z-Grade horror flick where screaming at the screen was encouraged. It was like 200 people playing MST 3000 together. Then the bad horror started getting shot straight to video, released straight to video tape with no theater release. Overall, people were becoming more and more inclined to wait until the movie they wanted to see came out on DVD. Why go to a theater when you can watch at home? They didn’t want to watch with a raucous crowd, they wanted to watch in silence, and truly, unless you are watching bad horror, silence is preferable. You can concentrate on the movie with no distraction and the last thing you want in your home theater is a loud, whirring fan……


The Sonata IV from Antec is a mid-tower case with elegant styling that promises whisper quiet operation. The Antec Sonata IV is aimed squarely at the HTPC and high end business/SOHO market where aesthetic appeal and silence are the most important characteristics. With a gloss piano black finish and discreetly styled front panel, the Sonata IV can look at home in almost any environment. Included with the Sonata IV is a 620 watt Antec Neo PSU, more than enough wattage to power any mainstream system. The Sonata IV is versatile, with motherboard compatibility for micro-ATX, ATX, and even mini-ITX boards, which are now common in HTPC builds. Inside the Sonata IV there is room for four 3.5” drives, as well as one 2.5” drive. Outside is space for three 5.25” optical drives. The front I/O puts your most commonly used connections in an easily accessed area, including audio, 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0.