Thermaltake V9 Mid Tower Gaming Case Review

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What is the Thermaltake V9? Well, everyone has something that they like to look at, something that they love to show off, something that is their ‘shiny new toy’ or just something that they enjoy thoroughly. For some it's muscle cars or motorcycles, the thrill of racing down an empty street at 2AM is just too enjoyable for some to deny! For others it’s the serenity and peace they find in painting a work of art. Well, for us geeks, the ‘computer nerds,’ as some would call us, it’s usually putting together a kick-ass computer system or the thrill of hearing those delightful little POST beeps telling you all is well! Now, what’s the first thing you see when you look at a computer system? It’s the case! Every once in a while you’ll come across a case that not only looks sleek, but the darn thing also wows the crap out of you. The Thermaltake V9 mid tower gaming case is one such case.


The Thermaltake V9 gaming case is a solidly built mid tower case. It has many functional, as well as a few purely aesthetic, features. The case, as far as drive space is concerned, is completely modular (screw less). The Thermaltake V9 has more than enough room to accommodate several larger components, and is surprisingly spacious for a mid tower case.

Thermaltake has been building high quality computer components for many, many years now and have always been on top of their game creating top notch equipment. Their reputation is among the best of component companies, if it’s a high end build, you’re almost guaranteed to find the Thermaltake brand plastered somewhere on it.