Are you a skeptic? I hate to admit it but sometimes I am a skeptic - not a pessimist, just a skeptic. Most of us resort to skepticism when something is too good to be true or it defies something that is the norm. Innovation just about always is the main cause of skepticism because to be innovative means to be different. Difference is change or a new pathway and most of us don’t like change, especially if it is changing something we know that works.


The Antec Skeleton Case is a cause for skepticism. The Antec Skeleton case is an open air computer case that has one 250 mm fan which is supposed to keep your components dust free. Antec claims that all the Skeleton needs is this one fan to keep your valuable components dust free. So lets face it, I was just as skeptical as the next person.


We are used to having our components enclosed in cases which keep dust off of them. We place filters on our fans so they won’t suck dust into our systems, since dust build up produces heat and heat is the number one cause of system failure. So why would Antec manufacture the Skeleton as an open air case? Does the Skeleton keep dust away from the components and have the ability to keep the components cool?