Computers have become an integral part of most people's lives. The technological advancements have made them smaller, cheaper, and more efficient, allowing them to be utilized for many different purposes. One of the newer areas of our lives that computers have entered into is that of our entertainment systems. Think back to ten years ago, when you had a rack or cabinet full of components that each served a different purpose and you had ten different remote controls to try and dig out of the sofa cushions. Well the advent of the home theater PC, or HTPC, has helped alleviate many of these problems by utilizing a compact computer to integrate our movies, TV, and music into one central control structure. The growing popularity of these HTPC's has led to a need for more cases to be available to accommodate microATX motherboards and fit comfortably into our entertainment centers.


Along came the HTPC case. This new kid on the block comes in many shapes and sizes, with as many different styles as you can imagine. They range from small, subtle cases, to larger, more outlandish styles. All of these HTPC cases must do one thing, though, and that is fit everything we need to entertain us into a package that keeps everything cool and doesn't look like a regular PC sitting in our entertainment center. In Win has accomplished this main requirement, while presenting a nice, subtle style, with lots of functionality.

The In Win Matrix HTPC case is a compact, microATX case with a full array of features. The In Win Matrix has integrated cable management and well designed assembly. The plain, subtle style of the white Matrix is accented nicely through well trimmed out black lines and with innovative doors to optimize concealment of the computer components, leaving the HTPC not looking like a PC.