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There's new life in the mini-ITX market. No longer does Intel sit alone with their Atom lineup. AMD has pushed into the market with Brazos. Both have their distinct differences, and both need something to contain them. Sadly, there aren't as many options out there, when compared to mini-ATX and the bigger brothers. I would think, for this market, every manufacturer would be trying to push at least one or two mini-ITX computer cases. Thankfully, even with this limited market, there are enough mini-ITX cases to cover everyone's budget.



Apevia is one of those manufacturers that has been around for a while and gained a bit of buzz. They offer a wide variety of products, from corporate and gaming computer cases, to power supplies, to fans and cooling accessories. They have had a number of hit cases, like the X-Sniper and X-Dreamer. Here is a quote from their website: "Apevia aspires to offer the most comprehensive and advanced products for today's needs and tomorrow's growth. When you take technology and intelligence, and combine it with style and excellence, you have the formula for Apevia products." This mantra does ring true with many of their products.



One lucky case in the Mini-ITX market is the Apevia X-Fit-100 Mini-ITX Case. The X-Fit-100 offers a slim profile and sleek look that will work with any mini-ITX application. There is enough space to fit a 2.5" hard drive, slim optical drive, and a low profile PCI card. The X-Fit-100 comes equipped with a Apevia Flex ATX 250W power supply, which is more than enough for a mini-ITX system. There are vents on the top and sides that help expel heat and keep the case quiet. The X-Fit-100 also has a sturdy build, constructed from 0.7mm metal SECC. The style and finish is black, which matches perfect with most people's decor.