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The ancient Greeks were a society that valued beauty and aesthetics, perhaps more so than any society after them. For the Greeks, beauty was a virtue that embodied excellence and purity.  This was reflected in their art where people are portrayed without any flaws and wrinkles unlike the more pragmatic Romans.  It must have been quite a paradox for the Athenians who would hear beautiful philosophical teachings from a man who has been described as short and having “a snub nose and projecting eyes”.  In ancient Greek society, it is expected that the inner beauty should match the external aesthetic; it is quite possible that perhaps, many resisted Socrates’ teachings because of this.



Thousands of years later, despite the fact that our society views itself as more progressive than any before it, we can be guilty of misjudging the value of things that we are not familiar with.  In our busy lives, we are not as open to new ideas and spend little time with the unfamiliar.  As hardware enthusiasts, we are used to seeing new products hit the market almost on a daily basis, but how often do we see a new product that is vastly different from the rest and take time to look at what it offers?


The Antec LanBoy Air is unlike any mid-tower case ever seen before.  Nearly all the parts of the Antec LanBoy Air can be re-arranged to fit the user’s needs.  The Antec LanBoy Air mid-tower case has perforated panels for maximum airflow, utilizing positive air pressure to push all the hot air out while keeping dust away from your system components.  The LanBoy Air Case uses the new revolutionary Antec AirMounts™ HDD mounting system to reduce drive vibration and noise.  Users can install up to 15 fans inside the Antec LanBoy Air and it even has room on top for mounting a water cooling radiator.  The Antec LanBoy Air is simply the most flexible and customizable mid-tower case ever built.