Cooler Master USP 100 Mid Tower Case Review

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The market for enthusiast-oriented hardware is always increasing. We do, however, overlook the fact that there are enthusiasts who do not always go for the newest and most expensive hardware, especially in countries outside of North America or Europe, where the price of hardware is higher and the economy isn’t as strong.  Enthusiasts in these countries cannot always afford to buy top of the line hardware but are entitled to products that cater to their needs.



Cooler Master is a very well-established brand in PC case design. They are also well-known for producing award winning cases that are offered at a remarkably low sale price, relative to other PC cases. There are plenty of cases in the market that are bundled with power supplies but very few are offered by companies with as much experience dealing with the enthusiast market as Cooler Master.


The Cooler Master USP 100 is an enthusiast mid-tower case aimed at users with a limited budget. Painted black and crimson, the Cooler Master USP 100 is feature-rich with support for heatsinks up to 160mm tall and video cards that reach 270mm in length. Bundled with a 550-Watt Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus PSU, the Cooler Master USP 100 offers excellent value for a PC gaming platform.