It seems as though lately many case manufacturers have gone away from improving their case function and focused more on aesthectics. It seems like they think that they can throw LEDs at the case and instantly it will be a hit. Now don't get me wrong, I do like the occassional case that has LEDs in it, if it's done right. But some of these cases included have almost nothing but LEDs holding them together, you know the type, the cases that you need special glasses just to look at them. Heck, some even put strobe lights in their cases, what is the point other than to see how many people you can give a seizure. And while that may work in attracting an unknowledgable crowd, more experienced system builders know that cooling is the key.

Antec P193, Side


Come on, lets face it, there are not too many case manufacturers out there that actually try to be innovative and proud of what they design. And those that do have become leaders in the case manufacturing market. A case is more than just a shell that holds your computer, it keeps the components cool and safe. It is an extension of you and how you think your components should be taken care of. And while for the most part cases still have many similarities, it is the small design touches that really excite me. The things that make case building easier, add convenience to doing things inside the case, keeping components clean and cool, and keeping cables where they belong. And some manufacturers even reflect these small touches in the least expensive designs, and that's how you can tell that the manufacturer really cares about their designs.

Antec P193, Front


The Antec P193 is just the case I have been talking about. The P193 by Antec is designed to take care of the small things while still looking sophisticated. The P193 has been designed with layered construction and silicone grommets for the bays to reduce noise from the case. The Antec P193 can hold up to seven fans for maximum cooling and air movement through the P193. And the Antec P193 has been designed not only to hold a standard PSU, but also Antec's own CP series like the reviewed CP-850. The Antec P193 also features an external 200mm fan, so you get both maximum cooling and space for your components. Also, the Antec P193 has had several filters put in place to reduce the amount of dust and debris that sneak their way in to the average case. The P193 features a dual chamber system to keep the PSU and motherboard components separate and reduce the heat in each compartment.