So you have accrued all this knowledge and now it is time to pay your dues. One of your family members ask you to build them a cheap PC so they can surf the net and check email. I can guarantee that it will happen at least once in a system builder's life. And there is nothing wrong with it, using your knowledge to help someone get ahead. But the problem with building a cheap system is usually where to start and where you want to cut corners on prices. You want your relative to have the best system for the money but it means that some parts may suffer at the expense of others.

Antec NSK-4480 II, Front


The first thing I usually look for is a good deal on a chassis. You can usually find a good deal on cases from most Internet computer shops and even some in the brick and mortar stores. Let's face it, it is an essential part because you need something to hold the computer, but is also something that does not have to be spectacular so you can cut costs here. And you know the type you want just has six sides and a power on button. But if you search really hard you can find something that is the best of both worlds, so you get the most for your money.

Antec NSK-4480 II, Side PSU


The Antec NSK-4480 II Case is perfect for someone looking to build a PC on a budget. The NSK-4480 II by Antec comes with a 380W power supply. The NSK-4480 II also comes with a 120mm fan that has a fan control already in place. The Antec NSK-4480 II HDD bays are lined with silicone grommets to reduce HDD noise and vibration. The Antec NSK-4480 II has three 5.25" bays and five 3.5" bays for good expandability. And is constructed from steel so it is sure to take the lumps that an unconcerned relative is sure to inflict upon it.