So you've finally decided to get to that task of building an HTPC. Yeah, I know, you've been putting it off for a while now. But you finally have the time and the money to build it the way you want and invest in the components that you were looking for. Not to mention the fact that you're sick of having to find a DVD in your cave of an entertainment center and then, on top of that, you're still not able to find the DVD you were looking for. Or what about the possibilities of a LAN box? What's better than getting together with a bunch of friends and playing games together all night. Now you just need to decide where to start, and where better than looking for a case that will suit your style and meet your needs.

NZXT Rogue, Front 


What do you want in an HTPC case? Do you want it to be big or small? To be easy to build in and roomy or be able to cram everything into a slender box? What about style, what do you want it to look like? I like my cases to look stylish but have a little flare, just enough to be able to start a conversation. But more important than style is cooling, you need to have a case with good cooling and air movement. I also like a case that has room to build in, with my big hands it is almost always a must.  But what case might have all the features that I'm looking for?

NZXT Rogue, Front Box


The NZXT Rogue is a mATX case that was built for a LAN box or an HTPC. The Rogue by NZXT was built to accommodate the needs of a LAN box. The Rogue is able to hold up to four hard drives and larger video cards. The Rogue also comes with a strap for easy transportation and setup at LAN parties. And the NZXT Rogue has been designed to adapt to the needs of your PSU by supplying a bracket that can extend to hold a larger PSU while not having it crammed into the case. The Rogue also has the ability to contain up to five fans to ensure maximum cooling on all your components and a locking mechanism on the front to to keep others out of your computer.