NZXT Zero 2 Case Review

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Computer cases are considered to be a need for gamers. Even for the novice users, some of the cases out there are suitable for their needs. From time to time there are computer items that would be new to people around the world. Some of them are small, but the others are rather large. Video cards and heatsinks, for example, there are some out there that are huge and some are small, depending on what the user needs or wants. In a sense, it seems better to “think outside the box.”



If you think about it, getting a new case is like being a hermit crab. You are cramped, and when you think it’s time to move on, you get a different shell that is roomier, or at least the one that feels the most comfortable, and that would be your new home. That’s essentially the same idea. You may get items in the future, and you may run out of room in your current case, so it is time to move on. Get a new shell. And this shell is what we are fighting for.



The NZXT Zero 2 Crafted series is the case we’re going to review. The Zero 2 by NZXT is praised as a quiet, steel case. The design is a full ATX black steel case, with five 5.25” drive bays and two 3.5” floppy drive bays. The left side of the case has four different 120mm fan slots, two back 120mm fan slots, one top 80mm slot, one front 120mm fan slot, and the bottom has an air filter. The NZXT Zero 2 is built for giving maximum air flow for the user. When I first saw this package, it looked promising, so I think this will be a great case to review. Let’s check it out.