NZXT Whisper Case Review

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There is nothing more annoying when I am gaming than my wife telling me that it is too loud. Too loud - is there such a thing? Remember, I am a guy who goes to metal concerts regularly, so most of the time it can not be loud enough. And, like they say, if you can keep the wife happy, you can keep everyone else happy. But her telling me that can kill just about any fun I was having while I was gaming. Gaming is how I release stress from a long day at work, and after wearing a headset all day at work, I do not want to wear one at home.



So I have tried to cut the other ambient noises down. I have started trying to make my rig quieter so it does not add to the noise. I am constantly excited about new innovations and technologies that reduce noise. I've tried quieter fans and different chassis, different types of drives and coolers, all to help eliminate the noise from my bedroom computer, because every decibel that I can take away from my rig, I can put towards my gaming experience.



The NZXT Whisper Case is unique in a way that is different from most cases. The Whisper by NZXT features 10mm noise dampening foam pads placed around the case. The Whisper comes with HDD mounts that have rubberized grommets to help reduce noise and vibration from the HDDs. The NZXT Whisper has nine hard drive bays and six 5.25" drive bays for those who need a lot of room or plan to expand in the future. NZXT even provides a special rubber gasket for your PSU to eliminate noise from it, as well. The NZXT Whisper HDD brackets are compatible with both 3.5" and 2.5" HDDs and the PSU is separated from the motherboard to help keep the heat away from most of the major components. The Whisper is also equipped with two 120mm fans and two 80mm fans to constantly keep air moving through both chambers of the case.