Monolith [mon-uh-lith] noun

1: a single great stone often in the form of an obelisk or column

2: a massive structure

3: an organized whole that acts as a single unified powerful or influential force

To this day, the word “monolith” evokes thoughts of the first two definitions of the word, rather than the third. Granted, the third definition probably developed right along with the technology that made it a necessity. The entire concept of just arbitrarily dropping a giant solid rock column somewhere is pretty much gone from today’s society. But dropping a giant, hi tech marvel of engineering on a city block is a feat to be admired.

Cooler Master HAF-X



This same evolution has naturally occurred in items much smaller in scale, as well. In the case of the full tower computer case, little has changed in dimension over the last ten years, but the inner workings that comprise the whole of the case are a world away. Today’s enthusiast enclosures have to be ready to deal with the technology the user has to put into it, as well as ready to move enough air around it to keep it running cool. Hot swappable SATA, multiple video cards that themselves reach monolithic proportion and blazing temperatures, multiple HDD that are frequently changed, enormous air cooling solutions, liquid cooling solutions, extended PSU……a big shoebox requiring tedious disassembly/reassembly is not going to win the favor of today’s enthusiast simply because it has mounts for two 80mm fans. Today’s enthusiast wants a full tower as advanced as the components going into it, and Cooler Master looks to answer that challenge with the HAF-X

Cooler Master HAF-X


The Cooler Master HAF-X is the new flagship of the celebrated HAF series of gaming and enthusiast cases. The Cooler Master HAF-X is a full tower case packed full of features and innovation to go along with aggressive industrial machine styling. Packed with 240mm and 200mm intake fans, along with 200mm and 140mm exhaust fans, the HAF-X is ready to cool even the most demanding components. Optional additional VGA cooling is aimed squarely at the overclocker, and assures that multi-card setups can get the air they need. There is no lack of drive space with availability for five mounted HDD, four optical drives and two SATA drive docks. Just to add a little eye candy, the HAF-X is black inside and out with a red LED front fan and a spacious clear side window.