Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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The InWin Dragon Slayer

The InWin Dragon Slayer ships in a full color glossy box, not unlike the ones used to ship other InWin cases in the "Destiny-Extreme" series. The sides of the box lists the specifications and features of the case quite modestly for a chassis with this much enthusiast class features. Set at the backdrop of flame and chain mail are the dragon slayers. On one side, a more literal rendition with a knight drawing blood from a grotesque beast with such blithe nonchalance that it makes one wonder if that is representative of the case's effectiveness in face of high temperatures. On the other side, InWin's Dragon Slayer stands tall and proud as the flames blast behind it, like a Hollywood actor in a Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay film, calmly walking away from a huge fiery explosion.



Thankfully however, it doesn't require a Nomex® suit to handle and open the Dragon Slayer's box. Simply cut the tape sealing the flaps shut and witness the Slayer inside. It is deep in slumber and awaiting to be liberated from its cardboard prison and its frosted plastic cocoon, escorted by two styrofoam guards.



Once out of its box, the InWin Dragon Slayer has a soberingly functional styling in its textured charcoal gray color on the front and side panels with the rear colored in a matte black finish. Most of the front is silver mesh including the easily removable drive bay covers and this silver mesh is picked up on the raised left side panel where four optional 120mm fans can be installed. Two columns of gray claw-like non-meshed areas frame the InWin logo in the center which serves as the focal point of the front panel’s design. The very top and very bottom edge of the front panel’s face are studded, giving the Dragon Slayer a tough, rugged look. A fluorescent green 90mm fan stands out at the rear while a pair of grommetted holes sit above it for optional water cooling. Another grommetted hole sits above the I/O plate area for the USB 3.0 header which attaches to the rear of the motherboard instead of in an internal header. In contrast to the rest of the external features, the right side panel is mostly bare save for a series of exhaust holes at the lower front forming a pattern resembling an arrow pointing to the front.



A large 140mm exhaust fan comes pre-installed, situated at the top rear of the case and is equipped with a dust filter. Optional mounting for 120mm fans are present for those who want to mount a single 120mm radiator like those found in the Coolit ECO ALC. The bottom is equipped with four high quality case feet with a rubber base for added grip and a metal ring accent giving it an elegant look. These feet provide sufficient elevation so that the power supply mounted at the bottom of the case can draw cool air in. "Silent Night"