Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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The mythical fire breathing dragon is a force of overwhelming terror and destruction. It is an avatar of fear and despair; a symbolic flame that tempers those who are brave enough to face it and obliterates those that do not measure up. Time has made immortal, the legend of those who have stood triumphant on the carcass of this beast. Storied tales of dragon slayers recounted through the ages in literature and the arts; their act of victory inspiring paintings, sculptures, books, films and now a computer chassis!



InWin's Dragon Slayer takes aesthetic cues from the armored warriors of medieval Europe and incorporates them into a compact, functional design aimed at not only protecting your system internals when you take it to LAN Parties, but also to keep the heat produced by the components vented out efficiently. The Dragon Slayer is the latest addition to InWin's "Destiny-Extreme" series, joining the Maelstrom, Ironclad and Android as InWin's first high-end gaming micro-ATX offering.




Armed to the teeth with enthusiast class features, the Dragon Slayer is fully equipped to handle the latest pixel crunching gaming gear. The Slayer is able to hold two ATI HD5970s in Crossfire and has room for up to six drives. It stands side by side with you, fighting heat inside as you frag away for hours. It's chain mail inspired steel mesh keeps your hardware cool while protecting it from harsher elements... like thrown objects by your LAN party opponents in frustration, as they submit to your dominion in virtual combat.