NZXT Vulcan MicroATX Gaming Case Review

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A PC Gamer attending a LAN party typically brings his own gear to the event. Transporting peripherals like keyboards, mice and headsets aren't generally difficult as they fit quite comfortably inside a backpack. Lugging an entire gaming system however can be quite cumbersome. Use of a full tower system just does not make sense in this scenario. A lighter mid-tower chassis made of aluminum is suitable but it is not as durable or as sturdy as one made of steel. A micro-ATX chassis is even better, however the smaller body could mean restricted airflow and therefore higher temperatures for a gaming system armed with a high-end video card (or two). What is a gamer to do?



Enter the NZXT Vulcan, a micro-ATX gaming chassis designed with LAN Party in mind. The NZXT Vulcan is the latest addition to NZXT's 'Crafted Series', joining the ranks of the Hades, Tempest, Nemesis, Lexa S and Apollo as the first and only micro ATX of the group. The Vulcan was specifically made to handle large and high temperature video cards while in a smaller form factor.



The NZXT Vulcan is here to prove true once more the old adage: "size does not matter". Despite its diminutive height, the Vulcan has a spacious interior with enough room to fit a pair of the largest video cards currently available. All this real estate was not gained in expense of poor airflow however, optimized heat dissipation via the steel mesh body and the option of having up to five fans gives the user peace of mind as he or she plays for hours.