Do you remember your first day of school? All the preparation that goes in beforehand, gathering all your books, supplies, new clothes, new shoes, and possibly the nervousness of entering into another year of your life. The challenges that lie ahead, the possibilities of failures, and the excitement of triumphs! On the first day, you would meet your new teacher for that year, the person that was going to assist you through the coursework, and help you with any troubles you may have. All the rush of excitement and fear of the unknown coming together for an experience that stays with most of us our entire lives. New faces, some that we already know, and above all, the thought of growing and learning from everything about to be set forth before us. 



A lot of people did not enjoy this time, but can look back at it after completing school, and have very fond memories of the time spent and shared with many others. I find this to be true with building computers. It takes a lot of time and preparation to prepare us for the task ahead. While we may not have a teacher instructing us while we are at home building our first computer, we have a plethora of knowledge available to us via the internet. Any question we may have has probably already been asked and answered. As we start purchasing our components, the rush and nerves of everything coming together begin to rush in, and we get that childish feeling of excitement. Something that takes us back, and once we begin we see the task ahead, and we know it is something that will require focus and dedication. Choosing the correct components and building a strong foundation will be of utmost importance and will help us to succeed.



The Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis provides excellent flexibility for the end user. Even for an inexperienced computer builder, or someone building a computer for the first time, the chassis is designed with the builder in mind. It supports Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX, and SSI EEB motherboards. It is appealing with a brushed plastic aluminum appearance. The interior of the case has the ability to be customized, even for the beginner, using just a Philips screw driver to remove most of the interior components. This gives the end user the option to customize the case in any way to fit their build. It also offers extreme cooling capacity with included 200mm and 140mm fans, and plenty of options for additional fans and multiple radiator support for water cooling. There are plenty of storage options, including mounting locations for six 3.5" hard drives, and up to eight 2.5" hard drives or SSD drives.