BitFenix Ronin Midtower Case Review

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The war between PC gaming and console gaming has been heating up lately, especially surrounding the release of these “next gen” consoles that are less powerful than a PC from even a few years ago. Even my four year old laptop is more powerful. For years, PC gamers politely sat by and watched the games we love get dumbed down both graphically and, more importantly, the game play has been simplified to accommodate the player base of the console. Modern games are riddled with “quick time” events which, to me, are no more like gaming than watching a movie and needing to press a button for the next scene.

BitFenix Ronin Midtower Case


Thankfully, PC gaming seems to be on the rise, heaving itself from the ashes of mediocre games and rising like a phoenix to the call of games like Star Citizen. I cannot express my joy with this enough, and now that PC gaming is more accessible than ever before, I hope to see more and more beginners building their own PCs. I hate to see anyone “taken for a ride”. I want people to be knowledgeable and capable so they are not swayed by PC companies that promise PC gaming and beauty in their craftsmanship, but at a cost much higher than what it should be. For that, people may as well stay on consoles. I mentioned the phoenix rising up from the ashes because there is a company which wants to help people rise up to the glory of PC gaming, and their name reflects that. BitFenix build beautiful, quality cases that are geared towards the more budget minded end of the spectrum.

BitFenix Ronin Midtower Case


The Ronin by BitFenix is a midtower case with everything a beginner or a pro could want. The BitFenix Ronin (model number BFC-RON-300-KKWSK-RP) supports fullsized ATX motherboards and has three optical drive bays, support for six hard drives of either the 3.5” or 2.5” variety. Three of the hard drive bays are on a removable sled system to make room for even the longest GPUs on the market. There is support for six different 120mm fans, though only two come preinstalled. There is one fan for front intake and one for rear exhaust. The multiple fan positions consist of; two in the front, one on the bottom, one in the back, and two more on top. The top fan positions can be used for a 240mm radiator instead. The Ronin comes with an ODD bay adapter for things like card readers so that the adapter matches the soft touch rubber case. The large side window is high quality acrylic and comes with the “Stealth Shield”, an insert that hides the PSU and cabling and HDD bays from view.