As seasons and styles change, some fashion magazine will inevitably claim that pink (or some other color) is the new black. Well, it seems that is never really the case. In style, there is just no replacing the smooth clean lines of basic black. Fortunately, in computer accessories, we are going through a trend where black is…..well….it’s the new black.



For what seemed like an eternity, the array of available colors for computer cases ranged from beige to a slightly darker beige. Then suddenly, a barrage of cases hit the market dressed mostly in bright, almost neon, colors. It was certainly a change, but certainly not a practical change for the office or home office. Recently, the trend has leaned heavily to black cases with some great results. For many users, the inside of the case is becoming as important as the outside, and the black scheme has made its way there, as well.


The Cooler Master Elite 430 Black Computer Case is a new addition to the Cooler Master lineup. The Elite 430 also does it’s own take on the all black scheme, finished in high quality matte black inside and out. Adding to the appearance of the case is a blue LED fan that sits behind black venting, adding a glow to the front that can also be seen inside through the side window. The Cooler Master Elite 430 is not all about appearance, boasting a good layout and array of features. The Elite 430 is a mid-tower case, with room for three external 5.25” drives, as well as two external and five internal 3.5” drives. The Elite 430 ships with one 120mm intake fan, but is expandable to add five additional fans for outstanding cooling potential. The Elite 430 also packs in features like a bottom mounted power supply and tool free design.