Antec Nine Hundred Two Midtower Case Review

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New computer cases come out weekly. You can find them in every shape, size and personal preference. They are essentially an extension of the user themselves. People looking to save money on a build usually look to save some on the case. When I was building my budget rigs, I didn't really care for features. I looked for the cheapest case to fit my stuff. Once I started building computers with quality, there was a plethora of choices. Only then did I start looking at the features available, like size, material, expandability and airflow.



There are so many features that can come with a computer case that it can be overwhelming. Almost like when you're shopping for a car and really don't know what you want. Should I go for a full tower or maybe a midtower? How many fans do I really need inside to get good airflow? Is a side fan necessary? PSU on the top or bottom? What about drive bays? How many will I need? The options can go on forever.


The Antec Nine Hundred Two Midtower Case looks to continue Antec's success. The Nine Hundred Two is the next incarnation based off of the Nine Hundred. Antec refined the Nine Hundred Two by adding a full black finish inside and a few extra perks. The top of the chassis has been redesigned with a round fan grill and the top tray was given a new angled shape. Antec took out the IEEE 1394 and replaced it with a eSATA port. A couple of extra cable routing holes were also added to the back plate.