Cougar MX300 Mid-Tower Case Review

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It’s March Madness in the US and everyone starts to care about the NCAA because they put $20 on a bracket at work, only to pick 75% of their teams based on their ranking. Maybe I am just bitter because Duke lost to Mercer in the first round and my bracket is about to be deposited into my very special filing cabinet (read: garbage.) College basketball as a whole tends to be more exciting to watch live, even if the skill gap between professionals and students is fairly large. The whole experience of the band, the rivalries, and even seeing the craziness that comes out of the student body during said games. The same can be said about college football.

Cougar MX300 Mid-Tower Case


Currently living in Washington State, the college football scene has been fairly poor as of late. We have two major teams: the University of Washington Huskies and the Washington State University Cougars. What makes me even mention football players is the similarities of a football player and a computer case; both must be rugged, tough, strong, care about keeping cool, functional, and both even care about gear (or cable) management. I am sure you could all listen to me talk about football for hours, but I think there is another Cougar you might be more interested in.

Cougar MX300 Mid-Tower Case


The Cougar MX300 is a mid-size computer case that combines rugged elements with a honeycomb mesh design for an optimal strength to cooling ratio. The MX300 features two tool-less 5.25” bays, three 3.5” HDD trays, and three 2.5” SSD trays. The chassis itself comes with one rear exhaust fan, but can hold up to seven fans: one rear, two top, two front, and two side panel fans. The Cougar MX300 also has magnetic mesh dust filters on the top and front of the case, with a slide out dust filer on the bottom for the PSU. The MX300 features seven PCI slots, in case you want multiple graphics cards, and has provided a transparent window in the side panel so that you can make your friends jealous by showing them off. The front panel of the Cougar MX300 has a power, reset, USB3.0, USB2.0, HD audio in, and a microphone port for ease of access. Cougar has also given ample room for cable management behind the back plate and also features cable routing management.