Once upon a time, I was sitting in front of a TV in a vegetative state watching whatever drivel I was spoon fed. During that time, I was watching a popular TV show about some “nerdy guys” who lived in an apartment across the hall from a “hot, cool chick”. The premise was blasé and the show dragged on forever but it had some moments that shined. One of those moments for me was when Sheldon, the super nerd, asked someone what kind of computer they had, and followed that up with, “And don’t say a white one.” At the time, I took that as a jab at the company who puts out popular white products that are notoriously under powered and overpriced. It was funny and so it stuck with me.

NZXT Mid-Tower Case


What was even funnier for me was the fact that in almost every shot there was an Alien Ware in the back ground as product placement. So, while the writers poked fun at one overpriced, under powered company, they were funded by another. Either way, when the joke was made I do not think anyone foresaw a time when PC builders would have so many options for different style and different color cases. Many of those choices coming in color options of white. Hey Sheldon, my PC is white.

NZXT H440 Mid-tower Case


The NZXT H440 is a new case by NZXT that comes in a really sharp white with black accents and a super sexy black with red accents. The white H440 by NZXT has a main chassis of steel, all painted white, but have all of the accents done in a sharp black plastic with black steel mesh for ventilation. The H440 measures 220mm x 510mm x 475.3mm and is a more compact mid-tower than some others. The H440 supports mITX, mATX and ATX motherboards, has seven PCI expansion slots, and weighs only 9.75kg. The H440 comes with 3x 120mm FN V2 case fans on the front for intake and 1x 140mm on the rear as exhaust. There is even support for the Kraken, both on top and in front, fitting radiator sizes up 360mm in both slots, for the rear space the H440 supports radiators of either 120mm or 140mm. There are standard 2.0 USB slots and USB 3.0 slots, two each, and one each headphone and microphone jack. The H440 supports graphic cards up to 294mm in length with the HDD bays in place, but with one bay removed, a GPU of 406.2mm will fit. For CPU coolers, there is a clearance of 180mm. Finally, both the front intake and the bottom (PSU) intake are covered by dust screens which are easy to remove and clean.