There is something to be said for being unique. But how unique can something be before it is so niche as to be nearly useless? I refer to cars a lot, and while I am not a big sports car guy I grew up building hot rods with my grandfather, everything from T-buckets with blown out 302’s to ’66 Charger Fastbacks with 383 big blocks. That being said I have always tried to find a balance between awesome and functional. There are a lot of cars out there that simply could not realistically be used on a daily basis; of course those cars are the ones that turn heads. But really who could justify driving a Lambo around Dallas or something? The car would be torn apart by city streets. The other side of that is that most cars that are great for daily use are so bland and boring that no one even notices.

In Win 904 Mid-tower case


The same can be said for custom computers and especially ones that are heavily modded. When I go to shows like QuakeCon and see some of the gorgeous builds that people bring I always wonder if that is also their regular PC that they use at home every day. It seems like it would be difficult to maintain and swapping parts out could be downright unfeasible. I am the kind of person who really goes for utilitarian looks. Form follows function. But I do also want to have things, cars, and computers, even furniture and stuff that looks great.

In Win 904 Mid-tower Case


The 904 from In Win is a case that looks amazing and is designed to perform also. The 904 is pretty unique with a solid aluminum (T4.0/2.0mm) main shell and two thick panes of tempered safety glass for either side. It comes with hot swappable drive bays that already have some cable management built into the case. There is 3 x 3.5” drive bays (the swappable ones) and two other places for 2.5” drives. The positioning is unique in that the 3.5” bays are in the top right corner and turned vertically. The 2.5” drives are mounted on the inside front of the case. The single optical drive is in an odd position, tucked away underneath the PSU, kind of in the middle bottom of the case. The 904 is built for AiO water cooling, which is designed to mount externally on the back of the case. The case itself is a mid-tower that measures 490x192x490mm (HxWxD). There is a full 8 expansion slots. All fans are options for this case, there are no preinstalled fans, but the locations for the fans are interesting to say the least. The I/O port is on the side and includes 4x USB 3.0 connectors and HD audio ports along with the power button. Finally the 904 has a maximum CPU cooler height of 145mm and a maximum GPU card length of 360mm.