I grew up in a neighborhood where you could leave stuff on your porch and people wouldn't touch it. Not because people in the neighborhood respected your property, but because they assumed it had no value. I remember one time I tested this theory. I placed an old but functional microwave on the front steps and labeled it as "Free". The microwave just sat there for days. But, as soon as we changed the sign to say "$20" it disappeared almost as soon as we turned our backs. I feel like computer cases are the same way. Think about it. If you build a gaming rig with $10,000 worth of parts and used one of those generic beige boxes from the 90s for the case, no one would look twice or even consider that it was anything but a piece of junk.

Cooler Master 690 III Mid-Tower Case with Seidon 120V


I think modern 3D gaming is what has saved us from the dreariness of the beige box. If the aesthetics of the entire PC industry were left up to corporate accountants buying computers for their employees, we'd still be stuck back in the 90s. There are many cases hitting the market each year. Some are new designs, others are updates to successful past designs, some have radical new features that will be copied for the next five years and others will be so bizarre that only a handful are ever purchased. If manufacturers didn't have to compete aesthetically, we might still be looking at a beige box under our monitors instead of a sweet, illuminated rig that fits our own personal styles. 

Cougar MX500 Mid-Tower Case


Cougar's MX500 is a Mid-Tower case with a sleek and modern style that's aimed at gamers. The MX500 measures in at 8.3 inches wide, by 18.7 inches tall and 18.9 inches deep. It will hold seven HDDs and a 300mm video card, or you can adjust the top HDD cage to fit three SSDs and a 330mm long video card, or ditch it all together for a massive 410mm of GPU clearance. The motherboard tray has a cutout for after-market CPU coolers and rounded cutouts to pass through cables behind the tray. There's support for up to seven fans, including one on the side and one on the bottom which have dust filters that are held in place magnetically. Tool-less drive installation should make installation a snap and the rubber pad on the top of the case means your external HDDs or phone won't slide off when you use the front USB 2.0 ports. Priced at $74.99, with a one year warranty, the Cougar MX500 packs a lot of features for an affordable price.