People say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe that is only somewhat true. Sure, different people have different preferences, but beauty is beauty no matter how you like it. Think about it, you and your friends all know who the more beautiful girls (or boys, if you are a girl) are, even if you each have a different favorite. Same would go for flowers or houses or cars or anything. By contrast, we can all spot ugly and all agree what ugly is. It isn’t like someone out there thinks ugly is pretty and vice versa. Even nature itself knows what beauty is and almost everything is designed to be beautiful for its own reasons. Flowers are beautiful so that bees will be attracted to them and, some say, so that humans will cultivate them and allow them to proliferate around the globe. Even still, everyone has their favorite but most will commonly agree on a few popular flowers that are clearly the most beautiful.



Computer cases are no different really, while each person may have their favorites and their own set of preferences, I think it is safe to say we can all agree on what makes a case good looking. That is why, in the PC world, we often see the same thing over and over again. Almost like semantic satiation where a word or phrase is said so much it loses meaning; the same thing can happen with the design of technology, or in our situation, PC cases. Sometimes part of a really great design gets repeated so often that we forget how great it is. That is not the case with Lian Li’s PC-10N Mid-Tower case.

Lian Li PC-10N Mid-Tower Case


There are so many great things to say about Lian Li’s PC-10N Mid-Tower case, I find it hard to even begin. First, the PC-10N by Lian Li is an aluminum case making it the lightest I have handled in a long time at only 5.4kg. The mid-tower chassis is a full 473mm tall (18.5") 498mm deep, and 210mm wide, but on the inside it feels much larger because of the great design of the rail system that the motherboard attaches to. Another beautiful space saving design is the hinged mount for the 240mm radiator that is tucked just inside the left panel, giving this mid-tower chassis all the function of most any full-tower on the market. The hard drive bays do not consist of stacks of mounting brackets, and are instead designed so that the hard drive itself attaches to the bay using a screw and slot system, removing the need for individual trays that would restrict airflow. The aluminum chassis is machined so precisely that the side panels and thumb screws fit in perfectly every time. No need to twist and push and struggle to close the case. Even the color of the aluminum chassis is so smooth and seamless it seems like it isn’t painted, and instead could actually be the color of the metal. The fact that the entire case is made of the same aluminum, so there is no difference between the front panel and side panels or the rest of the case, gives the Lian Li PC-10N a very uniform look.