NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case Review

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I look forward to a time when buildings and vehicles are built with seamlessly integrated computers. The kind of things you might find in Star Trek where perhaps you touch a button on your phone and talk to your car as you leave a building, you tell the car to start the engine (hopefully no longer fueled by gasoline) and the car starts the heater or air conditioning to get the vehicle comfortable for you before you get in. Or maybe one step further and the car actually pulls around to the exit of the building to pick you up. For now, we seem to not be much closer to those ideas than we were when Star Trek was new.

NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case


Sure, we have self-driving Google cars and voice activated computer interfaces, like Siri, but people like to be in control, even when they are actually out of control. The only accident the Google car has ever been in was while a person drove it. So for now, we are relegated to building ever larger and more complex computer systems for work and for play. However, not all computers need to be huge or massively overstated to be incredibly effective. I, for one, appreciate the simple designs that are beginning to be popular (again) in custom PC builds.

NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case


The NZXT Source 530 is just such a case, clean lines with minimal flair but maximum efficiency make it a solid choice for entry level builds. NZXT has made the Source 530 a good looking case without tacking on a lot of out of place flair. The Source 530 provides a one inch clearance at the narrowest space behind the mother board panel, but that opens up to a full 1.25 inches near the bottom where most of the PSU cabling comes through. It is a smaller full tower case and nearly square measuring 20” tall and 20.5” deep, which include the 7/8” tall feet which give it a decent clearance from the ground.