For anyone who hasn't noticed yet, I am Texan. I am sure you have all heard that everything is bigger in Texas, and it is generally accepted that bigger is better, right? Our Texas State Fair just opened up a couple weeks ago and our new “Big Tex” was introduced. For those who may not know, Big Tex is a statue of sorts that stands 55 feet tall. He started out as a gimmick for a small town called Kerens trying to make Christmas revenue in 1949. The Chamber of Commerce commissioned the “Tallest Santa Claus” in the world, which was then built of iron pipe and papier mache. Within a couple years, the novelty of the big Santa had worn off and the President of the State Fair of Texas, R.L. Thornton, bought the shell for $750. Almost one year ago, as of the time of this writing, Big Tex burned to the ground. Like any tradition, we couldn’t just let it be, so we built a new one. Will he be as loved as the original? Who knows? But he is a symbol of Texas sized pride.



As a Texan, even I find some of the oversized aspects of Texas life to be ludicrous. Some of our trucks driving on our roads are so big they cannot even be used for work anymore. So back to my earlier question, bigger is better, right? The answer is no. In a time where humans are using up resources at an exponential rate, I think it is time people tried being responsible with anything they use. Taking up less space or using up less gas or electricity should be commended, not ridiculed. At first glance, Cooler Master’s newest case, the HAF Stacker 935, is big, as big as a full tower case. When you evaluate the intended uses of the case, however, you realize it is designed to be a space saver, very commendable indeed.



Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 is a mid-tower case and a mITX case that can be joined. The HAF Stacker 935 by Cooler Master is made to fill a need for larger systems or a need for more systems all in a more standard sized case. The possible combinations and configurations are really only limited by one’s own imagination, and wallet. One of the more common configurations will likely be a system built in the mid-tower part of the case with some serious radiators and water cooling loops in the mITX, or the 915r. The 915 comes in two varieties, the 915r and the 915f depending on the placement of the PSU. (915r is in the rear, 915f is in the front). This is only the tip of this berg, system builders could easily use the 915(r or f) as an entire second system. Reasons a person would do this range from bit coin mining, to online game servers, or even secondary gaming computers for guests, or for times when a main system is busy rendering a video or doing some other intensive work. A second system for a significant other or for friends who come to visit or simply for a person to be able to carry to LAN parties easily can be built in the 915. The stacking ability of the HAF Stacker 935 is a real space saver in these instances for obvious reasons. The base is a standard case size so it will not take up a lot of desk space or need to be placed on a separate table or, heaven forbid, on the floor.