Cooler Master 690 II Basic Case Review

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Longevity of our desktop hardware is what many of us strive for, with heat being one of our major enemies as it can lead to hardware failure. As computers go through repeated cycles of extreme heating and cooling the electrical connection in our hardware goes bad. This is where the computer chassis shines, because a good chassis will not only cool a single hardware component, but it cools the system as a whole.



Cooler Master, a company known for cases and cooling products, has recently reinvented one of their more popular mid tower cases the Cooler Master 690. Cooler Master has kept the overall appealing design and added a number of improvements over the original, which was built on style as well as functionality, and we should expect no less of its successor. Cooler Master has also released two versions of this new case, the 690 II Advanced, and the 690 II Basic, with only a few minor differences.


The Cooler Master 690 II Basic case is a fully fledged mid tower that features plenty of functionality through its spacious interior and the capacity to add up to 10 cooling fans. The CM 690 II Basic also boasts great style with its great design, black interior and its blue LED fan.