Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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For as long as there have been conflicts between nations, there have been battles at sea. These battles required huge ships that carried many men and weapons. The first major ships of war were made of wood, which, at the time, was adequate protection. However, over time, weaponry at sea evolved. Wooden warships were left vulnerable to explosive and incendiary rounds. This made way to the Ironclad. The Ironclads were the first ships made out of steel and iron armor plating. They were considered the first fortresses at sea.



There are many worries when choosing a high end computer case. Available space, thermal control, special features (such as liquid cooling or peripheral ports), and sturdiness are all valid concerns. Video cards are increasing in size and heat output. Overclockers usually require extra space for liquid cooling setups or large, high end heatsinks. Some builders love to load their cases with extra hard drives and internal components, like fan controllers and card readers. Motherboards are also being manufactured with a large amount of expansion pins for USB and eSATA ports.


The In Win Ironclad is the next battleship of computer cases. The In Win Ironclad comes equipped with everything a high end computer builder would need. The Ironclad sports 4 included case fans, tool-less design, and thick SECC steel casing. It even comes liquid cooling ready, with 4 hose holes in the rear. The side panel case fan is 22cm in size and can be removed to accommodate up to 6 separate 12cm fans, if you so wish. This allows for 10 total case fans, which offers an insane thermal capability.