Variety is the spice of life. I believe there is no greater thing than having choices. Personal taste plays such a huge role in everything we do as humans. Everything from the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the food we eat, everything. Sadly, in our consumer driven society, choices can also become detrimental to the quality of our options. So many people make bad choices that are not based on facts or research or anything except pure commercialization, which then leads to more bad options being available when making choices. Just look at the food industry, instead of being able to go get good, fresh, quality food in a reasonable portion size, we are basically forced into overindulging on low quality food that, in reality, is likely unfit for consumption.



Thankfully, this type of over commercialization has not fully crept into custom PC building, yet. There is some, but not many. Therefore, when making a choice about which product to buy, a lot of it can be reduced to personal taste. Not to mention, the tech culture seems to be a bit more discerning, and that is why you are here, and why HiTech Legion does reviews in the first place. We want to know what is amazing and what just does not pull its own weight. We technophiles love taking things apart and nit-picking their every component, scrutinizing every engineering decision, and putting a device through its paces.

Gigabyte Sumo Omega front view


The Gigabyte Sumo Omega (GZ-ZSUCWP) is a new midtower gaming case, one which I greatly look forward to building in. The Sumo Omega from Gigabyte has quite a few unique and interesting innovations straight out of the box that I think can be a real head turner when looking for a new case. At 232mm x 526mm x 510mm the Sumo Omega is a largish mid-tower case. It looks even larger than it is with the shield shaped 200mm fan slot on the side and the angled top vents, which contain 2 x 120mm fans, all with a very bright and attractive blue LED. The front mesh panel also has 2 x 120mm fans with blue LED lighting. Each set of fans comes with its own preinstalled fan controller with three positions, off, low, and high. The Sumo Omega has two more fans, one on the bottom between the PSU position and the HDD rack, and another as the rear exhaust. Those two fans do not have LEDs, but they are not readily visible. Every intake fan on the case has a filter for dust, all of which are removed very easily for cleaning. No more needing to take half the case apart to get to a filter. Another innovative concept driving the Sumo Omega is the cable management. Gigabyte has gone beyond the typical tie downs and actually created a channel along the back of the mother board tray, complete with grooves and hooks to hold cabling in place, and latches to ensure everything stays where you put it. Of course, they still provide plenty of tie downs on the back panel.