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Fluff. For those of you who regularly read articles at HTL, you know that is what goes here and in the next paragraph. There is no product info, typically not even a mention of the product being reviewed. Just fluff that can somehow be tied to some aspect of the product that begins the third paragraph. However, there are times that a product is so loaded with features that either the product description suffers or the fluff needs to take a backseat. Since we have the Phanteks Enthoo Primo on tap, fluff loses.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full-Tower Case


While this may be their first chassis to market, Phanteks is not exactly known for subtle market entrances. Just two years ago, Phanteks released their first product, the PH-TC14PE, and it was (and is) simply the best performing air cooler on the market. Follow up coolers did not stray from this path, and now just the pre-release photos and showings of their first chassis, the Enthoo Primo, have enthusiasts everywhere expecting more of the same. The Phanteks Enthoo Primo is a very different take on a full tower chassis, with a layout unlike anything we have seen before. At every turn it is unique, and every design nuance makes perfect sense in functionality and is aimed squarely at the enthusiast. There is no doubt that Phanteks wants to begin their trek through the chassis market in exactly the same place that they begin their cooling trek, sitting at the top.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full-Tower Case


The Phanteks Enthoo Primo uses a unique modular design to great advantage for thermal isolation and improved structural rigidity. With enclosed HDD bays, an isolated PSU area with dual PSU capability, that also features dedicated pump mount areas, and cable covers, the Enthoo Primo is one of the slickest looking designs we have ever seen. With Phanteks as the designer, one would anticipate that cooling would be at the forefront, and five included 140mm fans back that thought up. While there is no front panel fan controller, Phanteks implements a unique PWM hub which allows up to eleven 3-pin fans to be plugged in and controlled by one PWM signal. We all know Phanteks for their air cooling, however, it is the incredible versatility for water cooling that makes the Enthoo Primo stand out even further. The top and bottom of the case are both capable of radiators up to 480mm, while the front and side can both house radiators up to 240mm. The seating of top and bottom radiators allows for push/pull fan mounting, with the bottom having enough room for even 80mm rads with push/pull without any MB obstruction. There are two reservoir mounting locations with pre-drilled holes on the interior of the case, as well as a pump mount with multiple mounting locations. To keep all of your fans running cleanly, easily accessible dust covers are at every fan location. However, the Enthoo Primo is not all about functionality. The case is finished all in black with a large side window and black brushed aluminum on the front and top. Running the length of the aluminum is a blue LED strip, and front fans also feature blue LED (all can be turned on or off at the push of a button). Styling is sleek and minimalistic, with a distinct aura of quality. Front I/O is set into the recessed strip of the top panel, and is both functional and good looking.