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Adiós, Arrivederci and Au Revoir to noise, as ever increasing component efficiency means that fanless and completely quiet systems will be the inevitable future of computing. For now, loud systems are tolerated but, eventually, even enthusiast-class rigs will run without noise. Since that reality is probably still a few years away, those of us who prefer minimized-noise systems rely on other solutions and meticulously pick components to suit our auditory requirements. Most of the solutions out there involve some sort of low-power components but for those who prefer more powerful systems, the solution usually boils down to the fan and case selection.

Corsair 330R Silent Mid-Tower Case


Noise dampening is important when it comes to quiet case designs. While some manufacturers opt for simple foam pads and lower-voltage fans, there are those who are more mindful of the craft and match high-build quality with designs and features that contribute to minimizing the noise. These are the kind of expectations users have from a company like Corsair who has successfully expanded over the last few years to providing high-quality case designs with their Obsidian and Carbide case series. While the higher-end Obsidian series has the 550D silent case, users were wondering if there was going to be an affordable Carbide equivalent. Corsair answered and it is the 330R case.

Corsair 330R Silent Mid-Tower Case


The 330R is part of Corsair’s Carbide series and is built upon the internal design of the previously released 300R case. The Carbide 330R incorporates noise dampening elements for silent computing use and retains the same solid build quality expected of a Carbide case at a mainstream price point. Thick noise dampening material lines up 330R’s side panels as well as the front door and top cover. This front door can be set to swing open to both left or right side or can be removed entirely when needed. There are dust filters for the front intake and bottom power supply to keep the Carbide 330R’s internal components clean. The Corsair Carbide 330R also supports high end components including CPU air coolers up to 160mm tall, video cards as long as the HD7990 or GTX 690 as well as liquid coolers using a 240mm or 280mm radiator such as the Corsair H100 and H110.